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Customizing Your Packaging Has Never Been Easier

Send Your Design
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    1.Start Enquiry

    Provide detailed information about the design.

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    2.Send Your Design/Sample

    Specify your required formats, material, and due date.

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    3.Confirm Artwork/Sample

    A free sample is available in 3 days for detailed confirmation.

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    Products In Bulk

    Place your order, receive goods within 7-10 days.

Top Packaging Doesn't Have To Be Expensive

Combining high-tech machinery with the finest craftsmanship in all phases, Kinghorn is able to fulfill high volume orders of top quality custom printed boxes at affordable prices.

Explore How It Works


  • Stable output of 30,000 boxes per hour;
  • Automatic folding and gluing machine;
  • Specialized quality inspection team.
a plate for printing coming out from a laser plate making machine


  • 400,000 packaging boxes produced every day;
  • Finest paper, eco-friendly ink;
  • High speed Heidelberg automatic printing machine and world-class KBA printing machine;
a machine master wearing a mask is standing and checking the printed product in front of the KBA printing machine


  • Free design review for cost-effective manufacturing;
  • High precision plate made within 10 minutes;
  • Advanced platemaking machine and technology.
 a batch of printed boxes coming out from an automatic gluing machine
checking color of a wax paper packaging box with X rite color monitoring instrument
It is all about color presentation.

Your Brilliant Brand Deserves

We know how important color authenticity is to your brand. This is why we invest so much time and energy to make your designed color on the packaging serve as a bridge between your brand and your customers. Controlling color is such a challenge, but Kinghorn handles it perfectly.

From selecting the ink, controlling the environment and manufacturing speed, to color inspection, our printing skills in every detail contribute to the top printing quality that no one else beats.

Our competitors may purchase and equip themselves with the same state-of-the-art printing machines, but our high printing standards and a fastidious printing process can never be surpassed.

Explore Our Craftsmanship

Why Choose Kinghorn?

  • Full Press Process

  • Top Printing Machines

  • Excellent

  • Fast Turnaround

  • Lower Price

  • One-to-One Service

I myself, and all of my colleagues, hold such an awe as well as desperate desire toward printing and packaging back 20 years ago. I was able to recall those deep memories of my first operating the printing machine. The red ink on my fingers. The show off to my father...

The Deepest Dedication To Printing Since 1995

Gavin Yang is the founder of Kinghorn who boasts a high reputation in packaging & printing field. 24 years ago he eagerly dived into the printing industry and mastered exquisite skills over decades of hard work. Up to the present day, his devotion and passion remain.

Kinghorn's success today is derived from the adherence to printing perfection and service quality, and this is the reason why our clients choose us.

Kinghorn's Heritage

Kinghorn Inheritance

  • an aeroview showing Kinghorn's workshops and production lines

    Profile of Kinghorn

    Kinghorn as a custom packaging manufacturer is standing behind thousands of brands, with a mission to help customers to grow as fast as possible.

    Learn More
  • Kinghorn's KBA printing workshop

    Not The Average Factory

    1,000,000 boxes produced every day. High quality & low priced packaging boxes that we produce are the result of the most advanced printing machines and facilities, experienced printing masters, and our lean production system.

    Learn More
  • the waste gas treatment equipment in Kinghorn's workshop

    Zero Waste Philosophy

    Kinghorn aims at doing things in a sustainable way. By reducing, recycling and reusing ink, paper, air, water and gas, we promise that every inch of the earth we stand on is free from pollution.

    Learn More
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