Kinghorn's Fabulous

  • 1 million+ Boxes Produced Every Year
  • 10 Specialized Workshops
  • 6000m² In-house Manufacturing Areas
  • 24 hours Production Round the Clock

Each Piece Of Facility In Kinghorn Is State Of The Art

  • laser plate making machine

    Laser Platemaker

  • knife machine

    Machine Knife

  • Heidelberg printing machine

    Heidelberg Printing Machine

  • KBA printing machine

    KBA Printing Machine

  • ink supply system

    Ink Supply System

  • color checker

    X-rite Color Checker

  • die cutting machine

    Die Cutting Machine

  • automatic die cutting machine

    Automatic Die Cutting Machine

  • automatic folding-gluing machine

    Automatic Folding-Gluing Machine

Highly Specialized Workshops

Kinghorn's manufacturing workshops are well organized to boost productivity.

Heidelberg printing workshop

Platemaking Workshop

automatic die cutting workshop

Printing Workshop

manual die cutting workshop

Printing Workshop

packaging workshop

Die Cutting Workshop

KBA printing workshop

Automatic Die Cutting Workshop

auto gluing workshop

Folding & Gluing Workshop

plate making workshop

QC Workshop

QC workshop

Packing Workshop

the exhibition hall of Kinghorn

Exhibition Hall At A Glance

Our exhibition hall displays a minor part of what we have handled in the past decades.

Take a look at what we have made for our clients and see if you can be inspired by them.

We are confident that it will be your wow moment when stepping into the room.

Bring Your Brand To Life On The Box In 7 Days

Start From 500 PCS.