Brochure Manufacturer Gets Your Brand Seen Vividly.

For Kinghorn, brochure is the best fitting advertisement material we help to manufacture for your business brand to be popular.

As always, Kinghorn strives to pursue excellence by vigorously promoting businesses who work with us. We use Heidelberg and KBA which can yield 40,000,000 pieces of brochures every day.

Kinghorn’s factory cost is lower compared to others. Most of our processing systems can save you 20% of your business expenses.

Brochure Printing s03 img
Brochure Printing s04 img

Easy-To-Personalize Brochures of Superior Printing Quality

Kinghorn’s advanced printing technologies utilize internationally-accepted chromatograms and Apple’s latest software design. Both of these powerhouse applications truly restore and add the native colors of your brochure designs.

Pupolar brochure templates include Tri-fold, Bi-fold, Z-fold. For other customized brochure folds, we offer large and odd-sized brochure templates too. We make sure every need you have, Kinghorn offers something of quality standards.

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