Beautiful Gift Boxes In Bulk

Aimed at providing promotional or seasonal items to customers, gift boxes make products more special and outstanding. Bring more value for your brand and products by getting visually-appealing gift boxes in bulk with Kinghorn Packaging. Getting products in bulk amounts allows you to fulfill the need for gift boxes in the market without spending too much on the products.

We offer a range of gift boxes with different styles, sizes, and shapes that will suit your needs at a fraction of the retail costs. The lower cost, plus short lead times and responsive customer service, make bulk ordering an ideal option for you and your customers.

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Get Your Own Gift Boxes For Your Business

As gift items come in different shapes and sizes, we offer customization options to meet the specific needs of your product. From gift boxes with standard covers to specially-shaped gift boxes with elaborate lids and designs, we are able to accommodate them all. We use a variety of materials you can choose from to fully-realize your gift boxes, ranging from kraft papers to coated papers.

We also accommodate any special design or printing requests to bring out the beauty of your gift boxes. Our team of designers is able to translate your design documents to beautiful printed materials using offset printing technology.

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