Ever Increasing Market Need of Corrugated Box

Corrugated boxes are highly prominent in food delivery services, electronics sector, pharmaceuticals, consumer electronics as well as in the e-commerce industry.

Corrugated boxes are proven to be a better option than their peers:

  • Made with eco-friendly recycled material;
  • Budget-friendly manufacturing solution;
  • More stable and durable than other boards;
  • Flexible enough for shaping to a specific style.

Get your corrugated box solutions from Kinghorn Packaging. We use locally-sourced eco-friendly corrugated boards that are made from food-grade, recycled materials.

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Corrugated Designed To Carry

Kinghorn manufactures regular corrugated boards have 3/5/7 layers of fluted material that act as a stabilizer and an insulator. These layers can be increased as per requested, creating a thicker and tougher board to fit more fragile contents.

As corrugated boxes can fit any role in the packaging industry, it has seen multiple applications across several industries. A customized corrugated box secures space for fragile products, while also helping heated or frozen items to maintain their temperatures. Additionally, its low cost makes it a viable option as secondary packaging for valuable products.

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