a collapsible box in collapsed status and a collapsible box folded status

Free Design Review

Upon receiving your final design, we do not rush to platemaking. Instead, we provide possible suggestions on folding styles and structure rendering, as well as advice for end users on how to use your packaging boxes.

With our rich experience and expertise, we have been able to help clients reduce material waste, shipment space, and production costs.

Accurate Platemaking In 10 Mins

Using laser platemaking machine, we are able to shorten our platemaking process and improve the color quality at the same time, without losing its original color in complicated processing steps compared to traditional platemaking method.

With the accurate detection, measurement and control of the dot area at the ratio of 48.6-49% , we develop the film with high accuracy and the loss rate of the dot is controlled within 1%.

Moreover, modern platemaking technology features quick imaging in as short as 10 minutes, which greatly propels the production speed.

2 technicians holding a plate and discussing plate making workshop
Raw Material Selection

Only The Finest Is Good Enough

  • Tough Paper
  • Soy-Based Ink
  • Eco-Friendly Glue
  • white board
  • cardboard
  • ivy board
  • kraft board

Tough Paper

We source paper material including white board, cardboard, ivy board and coated paper from Sweden and Russia. All paper is qualified to meet international certification.

  • yellow ink
  • black ink
  • blue ink
  • red ink

Soy-Based Ink

Edison soy ink with 283 certifications ensures the top class safety standards, color authenticity, and printing quality that inferior factories can never accomplish.

  • Eco-friendly glue used by Kinghorn

Eco-Friendly Glue

We have been using branded glue certified by FSC, SGS, and PEFC to guarantee the glue is harmless to human and environment. Meanwhile, the glue features superior performance in -40℃ ~ 80℃.

a pile of paper being cut by the knife machine

Cut-To-Size Paper

Equipped with a high-tech machine knife, we handle paper cutting precisely and fast and aim at making your custom printed boxes accurate in sizes.

With preset data, the machine knife can handle paper as high as 18cm without any raw edge, and this allows for easier and simpler further processing as well as improved productivity.


Printing The Perfection, Speedily.

Here at Kinghorn, we consider printing the most important part of your order, and use the most advanced, state-of-the-art machines to handle it.

Our printing machines include heidelberg 6+1 and KBA 5+1 printing machines, enabling us to print 5/6 colors at the same time at the speed of 8000-12000 RPM, which means 100,000 boxes every day.

Our printing capacity is far more than machines. Learn how we apply our exquisite skills in printing and make all tasks possible.

  • the Heidelberg printing machine
  • the operating screen of the printing machine

Unlimited Processing

Kinghorn offers all sorts of processing options to deliver look & feel that speaks strongly about your brand’s identity. Popular processing methods include UV with a soft touch, filming for gloss lamination and embossing.

  • filming process 1
  • filming process 2
  • a black box is being folded by the auto folding machine
  • a piece of cardboard with printed graphic is being cut by the auto die cutting machine
  • a worker is operating a manual die cutting machine

High Speed Die Cutting and Gluing

>> Die Cutting

Kinghorn balances production speed and order volume by selecting the most suitable die cutting machines.
For high volume order of custom printed packaging, we run the full automatic die cutting machine at the speed of 7000PCS/Hour. We still operate manual machines for small volume orders.

>> Folding and Gluing

2 fully-automatic gluing machines fold and glue 60000 packaging boxes per hour.

Quality Inspection

Eyes On Your Packaging

Kinghorn has been investing heavily in the most sophisticated machines in order to attain higher quality, while we still keep human inspections to eliminate defective products that machines cannot detect.

By carefully checking the sample, examining the color, and weeding out those boxes with scratches or flaw, we end the manufacturing process with extreme care and caution.

a worker is examining the printed labels

Bring Your Brand To Life On The Box In 7 Days

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