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Kinghorn Packaging At Your Side

Kinghorn Packaging (Qingdao) Co., Ltd. is a specialized packaging company founded in 2007 by Gavin Yang, who boasts 24 years of experience in the printing industry.

Our business sectors cover all industries that need packaging products. We pride ourselves in providing superior quality customized packaging boxes, corrugated boxes, display boxes, gift boxes, paper bags, brochures, labels, and more.

With decades of exploration and devotion, Kinghorn has been securing long-standing relationships with customers who rely on the expertise and practical guidance we provide.

Certified Company

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Man of Printing - Gavin Yang

Gavin Yang got involved in the packaging industry as an apprentice in his 20s. At the very beginning of his career, his great talent in mastering printing techniques amazed his fellows and even his mentor.

Driven by a deep desire for technology and craftsmanship, he dived into it and earned utmost respect in the local printing industry.

It’s been 24 years since he first got involved in printing. Until today, his passion for printing remains as strong as ever, and the future of Kinghorn is being built under his guidance.

Man of Printing - Gavin Yang
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Be Part of Your Vision Of Branding

We know you are seeking high quality packaging to leverage your brand image and connect to your customers. What you consider important is also important to us. Working closely with brand owners, manufacturers and distributors, Kinghorn captures the essence of branding and marketing and is proud to be part of your vision.

We utilize top printing machines and materials to bring your brand to life on the box, while we do not transfer the cost to you. Our products are tailored to the needs of your business within your budget—and we think that’s a big deal!

Our Mission

"To be a respectful expert and top leader in packaging & printing."

Run The Factory With
Lean Manufacturing

Kinghorn's commitment to high quality doesn't necessarily lead to higher prices—the lean production management system we employ allows us to cut down the cost while preserving the cutting-edge quality of our printing.

We make full use of every piece of equipment and every machine in our factory, while reducing, reusing, and recycling all materials as much as possible; hence safeguarding our clients’ higher profit margins.

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An Expert Is Rare Enough,
And We’ve Got A Team

A great company is never created by one single individual. The most valuable asset we possess are not the machines, it is our team of experts.

Kinghorn is lucky to attract top printing talents in the industry. Each of our talented experts boasts 10+ years of experience, and it is their commitment and effort that build a greater Kinghorn.

One-to-One Service With
Care & Respect

With Kinghorn, no order is too small. No matter how complicated your project is, and no matter how urgent you request is, we stay with you and endeavor to understand what you really need.

From quotation and design review to production and delivery—you will have a personal, professional, and responsible Client Manager at your disposal to take care of you.

For any after-sales problems, we promise a quick response within 6 hours.

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