a few sets of pantone in a line

The Latest PANTONE
For The Most Accurate Color

To keep consistency with international color, Kinghorn updates PANTONE every year.

By doing so, we make sure that, as long as you keep us informed on your PANTONE colors, we are on the same page—all the time.

Rest assured that your desired color that you have in your design would be the exact color you get on your custom packaging.


In-House Platemaking
In Consistent Colors

kinghorn uses advanced CTP technology and machines to make the plate for printing.

Our CTP systems can significantly increase plate production quality and outputs, by controlling loss rate of dots within 1%, while that of traditional platemaking reaches 5%.

The plates made are produced more consistently to restore the real color of your design in less than 10 minutes.

the plate making process
a worker in Kinghorn uniform is checking the yellow ink with a pantone in hand

Eliminate Color Deviation
From Ink Control

Kinghorn has been using Edison ink for manufacturing high quality cardboard packaging boxes over the past 10 years despite its higher price.

The ink color of a specific batch varies from the ink color of another batch, even when it comes from the same top supplier, and this is practically inevitable. In order to avoid color differences from batch to batch, Kinghorn purchases 4 tons of ink at one single time for a quarter of a year or a longer period. By doing so, we make sure that your custom cardboard boxes will never suffer from color deviation.

Not Merely Depending on Our Advanced Printing Machines

Kinghorn's unparalleled skills in printing give us an edge over other factories that may even have the same high-tech machines that we use. Our superb control of every detail contributes to our leadership in the packaging industry.

  • Speed Control
  • Printing Tactics
  • Environment
  • Rubber Cloth
  • Water
the LED screen of a printing machine showing 14000 rpm

Speed Control

Our machine can reach 15000rpm while we control it within 8000-12000.

Our rich experience tells that it is the most moderate speed that balancing productivity and printing quality.

ink adding system in the printing machine

Printing Tactics

Our machine can print 5/6 color at one time while we print 4 colors only at a time.

It is our unique and unbeatable tactic to press the paper with no color in the first color station. By doing so, the paper features a perfect smoothness for better coloring with no curling or creasing.

a hygrothermograph showing 28°C of temperature and 45% of humidity


The optimum temperature for manufacturing packaging boxes with vivid and solid color ranges from 18°C to 25°C. And the humidity should be controlled between 45% ~50%.

Kinghorn's expertise in controlling environment makes sure that your packaging boxes are of superior quality.

rubber cloth

Rubber Cloth

Our high speed printing machines pose a challenge to rubber cloth, which greatly influences the image quality in the processes of ink-to-press, paper-to-press, and ink-to-paper.

Kinghorn uses Japanese and Germany rubber cloth of better capacity for transferring colors.



High speed machines do not separately account for high quality printed boxes. One small factor that cannot be neglected is controlling the quality of water.

Here at Kinghorn, we run the production with water of pH value 15, and the perfect water temperature enabling the finest printing quality would be 8-13℃.

Color Checker & Color-Sensitive Inspectors

Once we detect anything wrong, even if it is only a slight difference, we shut down the machine immediately for troubleshooting and thus will not make your product wrong.

  • p07-s06-img-1

    To deliver accurate color, our line of defense includes the most advanced X-rite color checker in the world.

    By calibrating the color checker every year, we make sure the printed colors will never go wrong on our side.

  • an inspector is checking the color deviation of a printed product

    Our technicians with 20 years of experience are able to correct any deviation, even those that can’t even be detected by machines.

    No matter how urgent your order is, our quality inspection team will randomly select 1 out of each 100 pieces.

Our Works In Vibrant Colors

Experience firsthand how we utilize all of our know-how in printing to realize the most challenging tasks and help our clients stand out from their peers with dedicated packaging. View more works in Kinghorn's Gallery.

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