Labels That Offer Prestige and Value

Identifying brands can be hard, especially in a saturated market. With Kinghorn’s labels, your products will be differentiated from the rest.

Label manufacturing is a craft that has been perfected by Kinghorn. Our creative workers come together to provide efficient, smart and colorful labels that can truly enhance your brand color. As always, we require a minimum order of 500 pieces. We also promote the same day delivery.

To supply your business’ label needs, we offer a variety of types for you to select from. Feel at ease to contact Kinghorn for your label printing.

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Get Affordable Labels Within 3 Days

We heavily emphasize the importance of lead time. As a manufacturing giant, we live by the principle “Time is Money”. As such, we also consider having a higher lead time equates to having a more accurate demand forecast.

Kinghorn’s superior logistics place importance on shipping times. The dedicated team of workers and designers commit to the promised work schedule. We always make sure that all orders should be fulfilled within the desired duration.

With fast B2B transactions, we are able to arrange the finished packagings precisely less or equal to 3 days of waiting time.

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