Green Manufacturing,
Green Packaging

Kinghorn Packaging strives for a green manufacturing process and seeks to control cost for our clients. We know how significant it is to show your care for nature on the packaging that representing your brand image, increasing brand loyalty and recognition. We aim at making an impact for your brand, as well as our environment.

ink supply system

Reduced Ink Waste and Pollution

Using larger containers of ink enables us to reduce ink waste by 30% and this significantly contributes to keeping your cost down.

Under high pressure, we are able to use every drop of ink as efficiently as possible, and make sure you are not paying for the ink that is not even used on your packaging boxes.

With the ink supply system, Kinghorn bears the responsibility to deal with the problems of recycling ink containers.

Recycled Paper From Reliable Suppliers

Kinghorn uses only paper to manufacture all your packaging boxes. By sourcing the best paper pulp, we are saving the raw material cost by 1/3 while keeping your packaging eco-friendly:

  • Safe for end users
  • Environment-friendly
  • Recyclable
  • In line with SGS and PEFC
paper pulp making process
scrap cardboard in bulk

Scrap Paper Board Recycle

All factories in packaging industry produce scrap paper no matter how accurately they make the die cut. However, not all factories deal with the waste paper the way Kinghorn does.

All scrap paper boards generated in our manufacturing process would be collected and sent to recycling companies.

Most of them are smashed and converted into a laminated plate of the corrugated board so that they can be reused to produce cardboard.

Harmless Platemaking

Kinghorn restrains itself from damaging practices and strictly follows regulations and laws related to environmental protection.

To eliminate water pollution, we equipped our platemaking workshop with an advanced disposal system for the waste-developing water and solution.

All of the waste water and solution will be solidified and sent to recycling institutions that deal with hazardous waste for further treatment.

disposal system for treating the waste water in the process of plate making
the waste gas collecting system in Kinghorn's factory

Waste Gas Treatment

The waste gas generated in the process of manufacturing is collected by our waste disposal system.

Only after being adsorbed by the activated carbon, will the gas be released to a height above 15 meters, which is fully in line with national regulations to keep a sustainable air standard.

Less Carbon, Less Fuel, And Less Energy.

Kinghorn Packaging operates as many printing processes as possible in-house, which reduces carbon emission attributed to frequent transportation.

We pay attention to maintaining our machines on a regular basis and elevating them to a more energy-efficient level.

We are constantly engaged in a process of revamping our facilities with the aim of making everything more energy efficient and reducing energy consumption.

using forklift to move materials within Kinghorn's plant

We Build Harmonious Surroundings

It is the Earth that grows and empowers us. And we pay back.

  • the fruit ranch of Kinghorn
  • green plant grew by Kinghorn
  • a bunch of grapes on the plant
  • Kinghorn's Koi pond with numerous kois

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