Dedicated Printing Adds Value To Your Cosmetic Packaging

Owning a makeup brand should not limit yourself with the standards of your cosmetic products. Even with a quality product, most people won’t bother looking if the packaging is not a head-turner. Investing in a quality package also helps immensely. Kinghorn goes an extra mile to provide packagings that represent your cosmetics brand.

Kinghorn’s cosmetic packaging provides a distinct printing and brand name. Align your platform with those big brands with our quality packaging. Jinghong guarantees eye-catching and durable cosmetic packing and catapults your branding to success.

Quality Cosmetic Packaging Boxes

Kinghorn’s packagings have reached a multitude of big-name companies. From Biotherm to Toyota, we provide the best quality cosmetic packaging boxes possible.

Our in-house factories operate with Heidelberg and KBA printing machines, enabling steady printing press technologies with high benchmarks. We also have dedicated workers with a decade of experience in printing presses who are the backbone of top-notch inspections during operations. Superb color and visual contrast are promised with Jinghong’s packagings boxes.

On top of that, we are also ISO9000 certified manufacturer that vows to maintain our high standards by utilizing the latest equipment.

Custom Cosmetic Packaging Boxes

Kinghorn provides intricate customizations to provide for one’s brand, allowing a creative space and leading to your unique and vividly-colored product line. You can modify the packaging color, design, material, size, thickness, and logo. Our team is specialized to render stunning cosmetic boxes by providing the best materials, designs and impressive color selections.

Our company prides in intense research and high-tech printing technology which produce customizations that can leave a lasting impression. Seek to profit and set own branding apart from the rest of the competition with your aspired customized packagings.

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