Food Packaging Boxes

More Than Just Food Containers

Eye-catching packaging styles can get your customer’s attention. Food packaging boxes from Kinghorn packaging are more than just a safe container for the food. We manufacture our boxes to also serve as a marketing and branding tool to increase your brand recognition.

By using top-grade materials, combined with powerful and precise offset printers and inks, we commit to providing only the best food packaging boxes for your products. We offer packaging boxes that come in different shapes, sizes and styles to create style of your food item and branding.

Eco-friendly and Health-Friendly Packaging Boxes

Secure your food products with packaging boxes that do not contain any harmful materials that could affect the product or your customers. Our lines of food packaging boxes are made with certified food-grade materials to protect your customers, your products, and your brand.

Ivory board and white board materials, in particular, are sourced directly from Sweden and are made from fresh and safe raw materials. Environment-friendly Edison ink is used for printing labels and designs on the packaging, ensuring vivid prints without affecting the product inside.

Wholesale Food Packaging Boxes

Kinghorn Packaging adds more value to your brand when you start purchasing your food packaging boxes in bulk:

* Get high-quality food packaging boxes at a lower price point.

* Start at 500 pieces for flexible wholesale business.

* Enjoy a shorter lead time by avoiding a middleman. Ordering from Kinghorn allows for safe deliveries between 7-10 days from the date of order.

* Receive responsive customer service that will assist you with your order from start to finish.

Receive responsive customer service that will assist you with your order from start to finish.

Looking for something more specific or planning to have unique packaging? Send us your design template, and we will be happy to flesh it out.

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